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Veja o remix de Kanye West, Raekwon e @justinbieber de Runaway Love !

Lembram-se que Kanye West, Raekwon e Justin Bieber estavam planejando fazer um remix de "Runaway Love" ? Finalmente saiu o official.
Popline :
“Todos os elogios rasgados via Twitter e as notícias de que Justin Bieber e Kanye West fariam uma parceria foram cessados nesta segunda-feira (30) com a faixa “Runaway Love”. A música faz parte do álbum “My World 2.0″ de Bieber e foi remixada por Kanye West em parceria com o produtor Raekwon. A nova versão tem samples de “Ain’t Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit” do aclamado grupo de hip hop Wu-Tang Clan – do qual Raekwon faz parte.”

Veja a música :


Visual visual JB
Yo ‘Ye whattup

You got stacks like the international house of pancakes
all alone ready to phone me and your hand shakes
palms is wetted (?)
never the walk miles for love I sit at starters deck
it just happens I was floating you seen it cathy
blinked at me then I threw on my thinking cap
taker, and then we can slide to Jamaica
shopping for a year or two stop in Diega
it’s obvious I’m gon sue your mommy is
we just friends so she can’t Clyde Bonnie us
fly walls down in the fly halls
come to the master suite leave every piece in the masterhall
all about money tied in a know stand over there
thats why I make it happen on blocks
brazil cut sweater, Audi, leather
playing the field tryna outslug Berretta

[Justin Bieber]
You see my baby over hit the road,
Where she’s going i swear nobody knows
I need to find her before another man does
I wouldn’t want him to steal my love

I’m just tryin to be cool, cool, cool (tryn’a be cool)
What would you exepct me to do
Im just tryin to find, find, find
That sweet love of mine

I’m runnin outta time
Where is my runway love
Searching low and high
Know that I’m not givin’ up.

I give it all up for her
I’ll never be enough
I wont stop until I find
My runaway love

[Kanye West]
Last name West and my teeth Diamonds
she said yo wish ya could place your crazy rhyming
listen to Wu Tang
trying crazy suits on (?)
stuntin in our high top louie’s
shorts is the coogies
open up the door when you take her to the movies
lyrics courtesy of www.killerhiphop.com
when you meet the parents you tell De Niro
her boyfriend is zero she needs to cut the wierdo
next show they gotta up the zeroes
nobody rocking like this 60 years old
the hard johns and the walleys something caught me
I’m telling you what Wu-Tang taught me
the young youth rocking the gold tooth
pull up in a drop top old school bumping the cash rules
no question we the reason why the summers blazin
you looking good fly colour asian
ra I give it yo ya, no trivia
she used to roll with my g-unit like Olivia
till she caught me getting numbers not her’s
guess thats the day she became a runaway love

[Justin Bieber]
I’m runnin outta time
Where is my runway love
Searching low and high
Know that I’m not givin’ up.

I give it all up for her
I’ll never be enough
I wont stop until I find
My runaway love

Why can’t i find, the love of mine,
When you’re standing in front of my face
Oh, yeah, You must be mine
How did I let you get away

Leave it up to the most high sit in a ghost fly
chillin with 2 of my brothers we both live on deck
grabbing em on set
this is how we roll independants she a go I’m gon go get
take that queen assure to ya
we can live every month baby girl just call me up
waking up mess in some cold sweats thinking of this the video tapes
even the stress
my mind is a terrible thing to waste
no love lost I know Im going crazy I can’t floss
me my lady left my homies
it’s all baloney just like rocking an old pony
so when I chillin I’m just lost no more feeling
I need my honey in my life get that film it
take the time Rae Just and Ye shine
my runaway love give me mine come on

[Justin Bieber - Chorus]

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